Face International Women Leadership Awards 2017

 ‘FIWLA (Face International Women Leadership Awards 2017)’

Organized by FACE INDIA, Foundation for Art, Culture & Education Trust


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Face International Women Leadership Awards 2017. 3

Director’s talk. 5

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FACE Interational Adviser’s global council 6

Orgnizers board. 6

Partner & Supporters. 6

About Face India. 6

Awards. 7

Vision, Mission, Values….. 7

Activities….. 8

awards. 8

Forum.. 8

Art Exhibition. 8

Films screening. 8

Leadership workshop. 8

Perfomance. 8

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face india’s festival history  8

face india’s other activities  9

face india’s other activities  9

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Face International Women Leadership Awards 2017


Face India International Women Leadership Awards 2017 is an endeavor to project women’s strength, stories and struggle at one week event in New Delhi India in December. One week long event is designed to promote women empowerment, education and gender equality where the objective is to invite women achievers, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and students from around the world on one platform for awards in addition with exhibition, film screening and leadership workshop.

One week long event will take place in capital city of India in New Delhi in December 2017 with following numbers of pre events such as Curtain raiser event, trophy launch, Pre Launch, Magazine Launch, Music Night, fundraising dinner.

  1. The grand awards ceremony along with cultural performances would be the highlight of the awards event
  2. Forum day will get together the participant from all around the world and share stories and networking building.
  3. Film screening is focused on film made for women and girls.
  4. Visual Exhibition will showcase leading women artist work in different category, such as painting, sculpture, print making, photography and graphics
    1. Visual art and education are one of the very important areas where women have more opportunities then other profession.
  5. Leadership workshop will be conduct by the leadership expert to boost up the participants to become an achiever and future leader.

Our vision for Forum is to bring women achievers and leaders for discussing their stories of success and experiences to inspire other women for empowerment with education and equality.

Our vision for awards is to honor those women who has done startup and served for the community set a benchmark for other to inspire and lead the community

Awards are one of the most important classifications wherein history of a country to promote the issue and its developments and to continue with it, the organizing committee decided to take a step forward to invite participants from all around the world for FACE India International women leadership awards 2017.



Director’s talk

The contributions of Women in decision-making positions are no longer discussed in terms of equality, but in terms of effectiveness and value adding results. This is the reason why this Award  is designed with a great line-up of senior artists, educationists, critics, social workers, leadership scholars from around the World to discuss “Women leadership position” and raised the concern  to find how it works for you and how you can make it work for you.

Every women has the potential to lead, some women get exposure and some does not. FACE India foundation provides awards for women in leadership by showcasing Women’s strength. We have begun our first activity with raising the curtain and a forum on the position of women leadership in visual art with the Padam Bushan Sri Rav V Sutar and participants from around the world.

In the race of materialized world we should not forget to recognize women’s hard work, sacrifice, and struggle for their family, friends, and office and to the country. Even I would say we always say behind Every Successful Man, There Is a Woman, but it’s just a saying to give humble thanks, we never honor or share that women’s story as well with the men.

Women on this earth is a builder a great nation, along this the childcare a mother gives education, etiquettes and knowledge to their child to become a good human being, and after that that child becomes a doctor, scientist, politician, artist, architect, chef and much more for nation building.

During life’s successful time we forget to honor that woman or women’s selfless service for you.

Being a busiest person some the women take time and build their own carrier and different fields and helps the society


FACE India International Women Leadership Awards is a festival based on the leadership qualities  and I request to all of Delhi/NCR, India, Asia and worldwide people, organization, educational institute, corporate, MNC to join the Awards for WE3 (women education. Equality and empowerment)


Viren K Lotus

(Virender Kumar)

Director & Founder,  Face International Women Leadership Awards 2017

FACE India International, foundation for Art, Culture & Education

+91 98 9999 2888





  1. Ram V Sutar
  2. Kim Mum Pyung

FACE Interational Adviser’s global council

  1. P N Ajita, India
  2. Monika Angrish, India
  3. Ashvina, U.S.A.
  4. Sun Morikawa, U.S.A

Organizers board

  1. Viren K Lotus (Virender Kumar), Founder & Director
  2. Monika Angrish, Co-Founder
  3. Achint Bhatnagar

Partner & Supporters

  • WON Institute, Chattarpur, New Delhi India
  • Art Times, India


The Award for Women Leadership recognizes the innovator in women and seeks to encourage them to take the lead roles in the globally local world. Most often, discussions and analysis about women as leaders in business focus on directors, CEOs, and to a lesser extent, the ordinary employees.

Targeting women from all walks of life, this initiative aims at guiding the women on best leadership practices that will impact career progression. It is all about the women kindling the dexterity in each other, sharing their experiences and strategies, and getting inspired by what others have done and are doing.

Vision, Mission, Values…..


FACE India International’s vision that one day all women and girl child in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education to lead India in achieving empowerment balancing and lead the nation.

One day, every girl will have equal stage for showing their strength.

One day, every girl will have  equal right for using their rights.

One day every woman will show their emotional power to empowerment.

One day, every woman will be able to live in a safe society


FACE foundation’s mission is to bring that “one day’ to “today”


We are welcoming WE3, Women education, Women equality and Women empowerment.

Awards Event’s Activities…..


The grand awards ceremony along with cultural performances would be the highlight of the awards event


Forum day will get together the participant from all around the world and share stories and building up networking

Art Exhibition

Visual art is one of the very important areas where women have more opportunities then other profession.  Exhibition is a source of expression of our society and the visual arts is equally engaging with many collaborative exhibitions showcasing Indian and foreign artists. Art exhibition will have different medium and methods of art work such as: Paintings, Drawing, Print, Sculpture and Photographs.

Films screening

Film screening is focused on film made for women and girls.

Leadership workshop

Leadership workshop will be conduct by the leadership expert to boost up the participants to become an achiever and leader.


  • Indian folk and classic music
  • Performances from other countries.


  • Global Networking.

Magazine launching

Magazine launching on Women achievers and leaders


About Face India

FACE India (Foundation for art, Culture & Education) establish in 2007,  registered U/S 12AA, with section 12A of income tax act, 1961 registered UNDER SECTION 80G(5)(VI) OF INCOME TAX ACT. 1961. A Trust and non-profit making organization to spread awareness in the society about art, culture, education and other social issues.

The ambiance of art, culture & education invokes harmony, jubilation and unison in the society. The domain of fine arts and creativity can only expand as well as grow, when the artists get the platform to express their art in the society. However, there have been limited platforms available for the cause and we help to create such, to encourage budding artists. Promotion of art is a great synthesis between art, culture and education.
FACE India organizes different projects in across the India by supporting/organizing the art exhibitions, artists profile release. Art, cultural, educational, environmental workshops, competition, seminars, organizing camps and culture exchange programs. FACE India runs road safety projects to reduce the accidents on road and decrease the number of death. Humanism recovery movement to make a human being more humanist and give India more educated, loyal and vivid future.

Recognizing the talented children, person and organization for their social responsibility/support in the society. Publishing of Art, Cultural and Educational news. Providing workshops to school & college.







FACE India, Foundation for Art, Culture and Education, Trust

Face International Women Leadership Awards 2017

National office: D-36 Patel Nagar 2nd Ghaziabad 201001, NCR Delhi, India

Delhi office: 76-77/103 (basement) Rajpur Extension, Chattarpur, Mehruali, New Delhi-110068

+91 98 9999 2888

www.faceindia.org.in     &       www.faceinternational.org.

email: mail@faceindia.org.in               email: faceindiamail@gmail.com


Published in India in 2017 By FACE INDIA, Foundation for Art Culture & Education, regd. Trust

All rights reserved. No part of this Publication May be reproduced or translated in any form Including photocopy, recording or any information strong and retrieval system, without permission  in writing from the publisher


face india’s festival history

  • Curtain Raiser, FACE International Women Leadership Summit, March 2017
  • Asian Art Festival, International Exhibition, New Delhi, 2015
  • Korea Festival, New Delhi 2014
  • FACE India international Art Festival, 2013. New Delhi. Dec 2013
  • Art to Heart, season four 2013
  • FACE India international Humanism Recovery Festival, 2011
  • FACE India international Humanism Recovery Festival, 2011
  • Art to Heart, season three 2011
  • Art to Heart, season two 2010
  • Art to Heart, India biggest travel art concert, season one 2009


face india’s other activities

  • Art Times
  • College of Art & Design
  • Humanism Recovery Movement
  • Roadrovers
  • Virtual Art Gallery
  • Visual Art Bank


face india’s other activities

  • Nicephore Niepce photography exhibition & Competition at Institute of Fine Art, 2008
  • Face of Asam 2009
  • Face of Delhi 2009
  • Great Himalyan Biking Expedition to Leh Ladhak 09
  • Expedition to Leh Ladhak 10
  • Road Safety Campaign
  • Award & Honors
  • FACE OF INDIA 2007
  • FACE OF INDIA 2008
  • FACE OF INDIA 2009
  • FACE OF INDIA 2010
  • FACE OF CSR 2009
  • FACE OF CSR 2010
  • Workshop & Seminars
  • Nepal Workshop
  • Drawing Workshop feb 2008
  • Book of Creativity & Records
  • Event Partner & others
  • Exhibition Inauguration at All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, 1st December 2009.
  • National Buddhism Seminar, Ghaziabad. 6th,December 2009
  • Talk Show in Delhi College o Art, New Delhi, 3rd December 2009.
  • Exhibition Inauguration at Alliance Francaise, 15th December 2009.
  • Exhibition Inauguration at Museum of Fine Arts, Punjab University, 17th Dec 2009.
  • Installation of Hibiscus garden, Chandigarh 18th December 2009.
  • Pinjor heritage festival, Pinjore. 19th December 2009.
  • Performance in Rose garden, Chandigarh 19th December 2009.
  • Talk show with Thanka painter Sonam Tenzin, Manali 25th December 2009.
  • Installation on the river bridge, 15 mile, Manali 24th December 2009.
  • Wall-Installation on a monastery, Manali 27th December 2009.
  • Performance with the Lama monks & Snow cats, Manali 28th December 2009.
  • Exhibition Inauguration, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur 3rd January 2010
  • Wall painting in Buddhist temple, Sarnath, 13th Jan. 2010 – 04th Feb. 2010
  • Exhibition in Visual art Exhibition Hall, Baranas Hindu university, Varanasi, 27th – 30th Jan. 2010
  • Medical camp at Korean Buddhist Monastery, Sarnath, 29th to 30th Jan 2010
  • Performance with lama students at vajra institute, sarnath, 5th fab 2010
  • Art seminar in BHU (Baranas Hindu University) visual art faculty, 2nd Feb 2010
  • Talk show with Creative Art Society, Meerut, 15th Feb 2010
  • Art workshop & Seminar in M.F. Hussain Gallery, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, 19th Feb 2010
  • Art seminar in Fine art faculty, Kurukchatra University, Haryana, 22nd Feb2010
  • India’s Biggest Traveling art concert
  • Media Partner, MOOODS, AIFACS, November 2009
  • Exhibition, Book Release and award ceremony of Shri. Shiv Singh at Museum of Fine Arts, Chandigarh
  • Sponsored Online Exhibition of Serah.G. (a Japanese Artist’s)
  • Media Partner for “Kala Rang Kala Sang National Art Festival 2009, Gwalior”
  • Drawing Competition “FACE OF ASSAM” December 2008
  • Media Partner for Ankan Arts Foundation in AIFACS, October 2008
  • Book Published of Shiv Singh, FACE OF INDIA 2008, March 2009
  • Workshop of 11 students in Nepal 2008, September 2008
  • A team went to Leh for Research on trance Himalayan art & culture, July 2008
  • Drawing Competition in “Hapur, Utter Pradesh” ajuly 2008
  • Exhibition & Book Release bt Ms. Shushma Swaraj at Triveni Kala Sangam, April 2008
  • Launch of Newspaper In the Exhibition of Mr. Savi Sawarkar, inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice-President Shri M. Hamid
  • Ansari, Guest Of Honor, Prof. S.K.Thorat, Chairman , University Grant Commission
  • Hon’ble Vice-President Shri M. Hamid Ansari, Inaugurated the Exhibition & Released The Book ‘EYES RE-CAST’
  • FACE OF INDIA 2007 to Dr. Bhanwari Lal
  • Drawing competition with NEED India
  • Nicéphore Niépce FACE INDIA photography competition & Exhibition, Institute of Fine Arts, modinagar, March 2008
  • Children Workshop with Nandini Foundation, Delhi
  • Exhibition at Fine Arts museum, Chandigarh, January 2008
  • Exhibition at India Habitat Center, New Delhi, December 2007
  • Exhibition & Book Release by Ms. Nafisa Ali, Chairperson Children film Society of India, at AIFACS
  • National Exhibition, 10 artists from all over India at AIFACS, November 2007


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