Long Life Exhibition for H.H. THE 14TH DALAI LAMA’s 83rd BIRTHDAY

Long Life Travel Exhibition on His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s 83rd birthday is a historical art event which is dedicated to a man of peace and face of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, harmony, optimism and humanity. It’s the 1st international competition and travel exhibition where entries are invited form all over the World and this travel exhibition will held up its shows in number of venues is Ladakh, and then to New Delhi. As this is the 60th year of His Holiness arrival in India so we making “Long Life Travel Exhibition” a historical exhibition to travel for 60 days all over India.


“Long Life Travel Exhibition” will will be Inaugurate at the Choglamsar/Jivesal where His Holiness birthday will be celebrated by Ladakhi and Tibetan communities, then exhibition will be travel to Chokhang Vihar/main market from 6th July to 15 July 2018 and July onwards in New Delhi.

Exhibition is been designed for outdoor display and focus to travel in number of places in Ladakh and New Delhi, so the medium of the display would be “digital prints”. No original works will be display during travel, because of the weather challenge and art works safety we decided to take a high resolution photo of original artwork and take a digital prints and on laminated board. In every weather condition works would not be damage.


  1. The exhibition has international audience and the exhibition will travel to different part of Ladakh and then New Delhi.
  2. Invitee/Guest artists are the highest order in this exhibition and their works will be display in Invitee category.
  3. Online exhibition also would be the highlight of the event.
  4. Art work will be transfer into digital prints for the travel exhibition.
  5. Master catalog of all the participants, including online exhibition also.

Donation of your original art work are accepted, artist will get a “Donation Certificate” and space in catalog in donation catogery.

  1. Last date for submitting your “Art Work” is 10th May 2018
  2. Any sale of the art works during the exhibition will be donated to “The Dalai Lama Foundation”.
  3. Exhibition is designed for outdoor display.


FACE India International (Foundation for art, Culture & Education) establish in 2007, A Trust and non-profit making organization to spread awareness in the society about art, culture, education, environment and other social issues. FACE stands for- Friends for Art & Cultural Exchange and we serve as global volunteer organization, Members of the organization called “friends”, because friend is the greatest relation between two and more persons, and here we connect friends from all over the world for the cause for world peace, compassion, diversity, humanity and brotherhood.

H. H. Dalai Lama Art Exhibition 2018

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  1. Lalitama

    When will the results for dalai lama contest be declared??

    1. admin

      we are in process to declare the result, as the last date was shifted so by next week we will publish the result

  2. When will be result announced? In the circular, it’s mentioned 6th June. Please advise.

    1. admin

      we are in process to declare the result, as the last date was shifted so by next week we will publish the result

      1. Lalitama

        Where r we going to find the results

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