FACE International -Friends for Art & Cultural Exchange is a global voluntarily organization to connect international artist, performer, singer, actor, musician, dancer and art mentor on one platform to exchange the Art & Cultural values. FACE International gives opportunities to those artists who wants to work on international level and showcase their works all around the world. We bring those artists from all over the world to connect globally to share their talent. The members of this organization we call “friends”, because friend is the greatest relation between two and more persons, and here we connect friends from all over the world. FACE INTERNATIONAL members (friends) are volunteer members to the origination for art and cultural exchange along with the cause for world peace, compassion, diversity, humanity and for brotherhood. We connect artists through different projects, such as; festivals, exhibitions, seminars, workshop, camp, rally, fair and other programs



FACE India (Foundation for art, Culture & Education) establish in 2007,  registered U/S 12AA, with section 12A of income tax act, 1961 registered UNDER SECTION 80G(5)(VI) OF INCOME TAX ACT. 1961. A Trust and non-profit making organization to spread awareness in the society about art, culture, education and other social issues.

The ambiance of art, culture & education invokes harmony, jubilation and unison in the society. The domain of fine arts and creativity can only expand as well as grow, when the artists get the platform to express their art in the society. However, there have been limited platforms available for the cause and we help to create such, to encourage budding artists. Promotion of art is a great synthesis between art, culture and education.
FACE India organizes different projects in across the India by supporting/organizing the art exhibitions, artists profile release. Art, cultural, educational, environmental workshops, competition, seminars, organizing camps and culture exchange programs. FACE India runs road safety projects to reduce the accidents on road and decrease the number of death. Humanism recovery movement to make a human being more humanist and give India more educated, loyal and vivid future.

Recognizing the talented children, person and organization for their social responsibility/support in the society. Publishing of Art, Cultural and Educational news. Providing workshops to school & college.